i ❤️ nyc...

i ❤️ nyc...

A day in the life…

5:30am: 45 minute Peloton Cycle ride-thanks for kicking my ass @robinnyc 

7:00am: Breakfast with the kids and quizzing for spelling tests

I will love you every step of the way…

9:45am: Facial from Bella Tu Med - love the team!

10:30am: Driving lesson… perfecting my stick shift skills for my Porsche Carrera 1986

12:00pm: Late start to work… no appointments today, but time to get rolling.

6:30pm: Pregame dinner with BFF @jennylynnenyc  at Foragers Table. Incredible healthy bites.

8:00pm: J.M. (John Mayer) concert at Madison Square Garden. …floor boss seats with the best friend @jennylynnenyc

NYC is my playground… The soundtrack of my life. Live every day to the fullest… 41 and owning it.

What I’m wearing:
Zara Studded leather jacket
Zara Jeans
Gucci Belt
Hermes Purse
Zara Shoes

One more day at the office and then I’m off to Tulum, Mexico!


The Fur Boss
Maria Reich

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