Mom Like A Boss

Mom Like A Boss

I am the proud mother of two amazing young boys, Jake is 8 and Nicky is 11. It was never my plan to be a mother. I started my career young, so once I established myself and felt satisfied, I knew it was time to add more love and substance to my life. Growing up, I had the most loving, giving and strong mother. She was an amazing influence in my life. I wanted to become my hero and she inspires me as a parent.

I feel as if I knew what I was getting myself into when entering motherhood. I knew there would be hard moments, I knew it would also be fulfilling and amazing. What I did not know was just how capable I am of loving that much. I did not know how much patience and compassion I could truly have. 

I also never expected to be a single mother. When we lost Eddie, my husband and their father, that was a painful lesson that the boys and I had to learn together. I work hard to teach them to find lessons in every experience and to live with gratitude. I want to inspire them to work towards their goals and show them that they can achieve anything in life if they work hard. 

My daily life as a mom is full of challenges and plenty of reward. I am constantly practicing patience and gratitude. Rest? Never! I am totally a hands on mom. I am in it to win it with my kids and I am by their side every step of the way. From violin lessons, to basketball or baseball games, to just having fun in the house and being silly. 

Being a mom has changed me. It has taught me to love and love harder than ever before.

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