#NoFurBan: Protecting Our Business

#NoFurBan: Protecting Our Business

Today, the Reich Furs team made signs and went to City Hall to fight the ban of selling fur products in NYC. Not only is Reich Furs a family business that goes back generations, but it is also a company that is full of hard working individuals that deserve the right to work in the industry that they are passionate about. 

Let's look at the facts. Fur is a highly regulated and sustainable industry. Faux fur is horrible for the environment and made with plastic. Are they banning leather? Are they banning meat? No. Just fur. We can't let this happen! The consumers can make their choices on what they want to spend their money on and we do not believe that wiping out an entire NYC district of family businesses will do this city any good. 

Help us in our fight to protect our business and the Reich Furs legacy! Sign this petition and share it with your friends. Post it on your Instagram Story and make sure you tag me @mariareichnyc! 

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