Squad Goals...

Squad Goals...

Squad. Crew. Team. Company. Army. 

This is what we are. We are a squad. A strong squad. A squad made up of independent thinkers and doers. A squad made up of experienced personnel. Most importantly, a squad that has been working together for years on end. A squad that is glued together through one common mantra, be the best at what you can be. We are not a try your best and everyone gets a pat on the back type squad. We are live by the sword, die by the sword squad. We hold each other accountable and we praise when deserved. We work together yet hone our crafts separately. We all bring something tangible to the table and we all get rewarded when when we win. Winning is important around here because we are a small company and we eat what we catch. This squad goes up against the big boys and never shies away from a challenge. This is my squad (part of it pictured below) and I wouldn't trade this squad for anything. 

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