The Boss Guide To Making Time For Yourself

The Boss Guide To Making Time For Yourself

Now more than ever, making time for myself has been a struggle, to which I’m sure many of you can relate. Both of my children are being homeschooled, and while I love having them in the house, my personal time has been cut in half! 

For me, the mornings are my time that I really get to focus on myself. I set my daily intention when the sun is rising and I watch it through my bedroom window. I sit with gratitude before I put my feet on the ground. This helps me get centered and allows me to start my day with happiness. I workout in the morning as well, while the kids are still asleep, so that I can have that time to clear my head...then it’s off to the races!

Along with working out, getting leg massages is also one of my favorite things to do when I have me-time. Anything you can do that lets you focus on yourself for just a moment and make you feel good.

I love to find different ways to implement self care and self love through my day. I listen to Brené Brown’s podcast daily and I always keep her book, Daring Greatly, on me at all times. It’s become my bible. I also make sure I stay hydrated and eat plenty of greens daily. These are things that make me feel good.

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