timeless and essential...

timeless and essential...

Timeless and essential Adidas sneakers are a great addition to any occasion. The unique black mink fur creates a fun and elegant style. I love to mix patterns and believe that animal print is amazing with anything. Contrasting the Lippi Cat coat with the gown brings out the vibrancy of the colors and details in both garments. And of course, the boss ring is an obvious must.




Katie Holmes rocking her Adidas kicks to the after party of The Kennedys premiere. Vogue dedicated an entire article to her switching to sneakers. “Ditching the sky-high heeled strappy sandals, Holmes slipped into an Adidas shell-toe style-a classic, which is lately emerging as the stealth must-have sneaker of fashion set.”

Sneakers: Adidas

Adidas Fur Trim: Reich Furs custom


The Fur Boss

Maria Reich

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