What You Can Do To Help Save NYC'S Fur Industry

What You Can Do To Help Save NYC'S Fur Industry

Over the past month, the Reich Furs team and the rest of NYC's fur industry has been working tirelessly to prevent the city from passing a ban of the sale of fur. We have protested at city hall, been interviewed for multiple articles, appeared on television, posted on social media, etc. to educate the public on our side of this fight. I am so grateful to the many of you that have reached out to find out more about what you can do to help! I have come up with a list of simple things people can do to support the #NoFurBan movement. 

Get Educated On The Facts

The first thing you can do to support #NoFurBan is to get educated! Arming yourself with facts is the best thing you can do to back up your argument. Fur is sustainable, recyclable and highly regulated. Fake fur is made of plastic and doesn't last for generations the way real fur does. This makes it extremely harmful to the environment and increases fashion waste! 

There is also the question of what banning fur can mean for various other industries in New York. Will they stop at fur? What about leather? What about meat? Banning fur can set a dangerous precedent. Not to mention the thousands of New Yorkers that will be left unemployed with the destruction of their trade. Many of these people are immigrants supporting their families, many of these people have been working in fur their whole lives and will have to learn a completely different industry. Destroying jobs and tax revenue is not what New York is about. 

Share On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for any movement. It is an amazing way to spread information and get the truth in front of as many people as possible. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on your own blog, share as much as you can. Use the hashtag #NoFurBan and make sure you tag me @mariareichnyc in your posts so I can share! Here are a few articles and videos you can share: 

Sign The Petition

Consumers have the right to choose! Businesses have the right to continue the work they've been doing for generations and generations! Employees that come from all over the world to work in New York City's fur industry have the right to a job! That is why we need to keep fighting and informing. Sign this petition to support #NoFurBan. 

If you post a screenshot of you signing the petition on your IG story, tag me so I can share and I will also follow you back! 

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