Why blend in when you were born to stand out?


I live for the constant new trends coming out in this amazing city, but I try my hardest to shy as far away as possible from the term “basic.” That’s why I love when a fun spin is added to the new trends coming about. Just a little flair to show the world I am a force to be recognized. Jocelyn’s spring collection helps me do just that; to explore the latest trends but with a flair for the dramatic detail that makes me feel like I’m expressing myself in the best way. This collection definitely allows me to follow the beat of my own drum in this #SoFly Denim Jacket with the classic cool look in the front and the ultimate party in the back. Jocelyn is for the woman who wants that second look from every fashionista when she walks by, for trend setters setting the new beat for the rest to follow.

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