Wild, Barefoot, & Free

Wild, Barefoot, & Free

I can find inspiration in anything. But sometimes it finds me. At Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, AZ where I came to unplug for a few days, I wasn't seeking anything in particular. Just some time away from the grind of the Fashion District. 

During a 6am walk, where the temperature was already well into the 80's, and the colors of the cactus exploded in front of me, I saw these words in the sand, " Creative expression through the arts can awaken and innovative spirit, banish stress, encourage mindfulness & boost self esteem".  So that became my mantra on this trip.

What I'm Wearing:

 Mermaid Vibes Trucker Hat

 White Alo Leggings

 Black Adidas Sneakers



The Fur Boss

Maria Reich


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