About Me

As CEO of Reich Furs and Oscar De La Renta Furs, there’s no wonder Maria Reich has earned the moniker, “The Fur Boss.” Whether she’s designing a new collection, attending one of her sons’ games or sharing her life with over 30,000 Instagram followers, Maria is constantly striving to inspire. 

Growing up in Lincolnwood, IL, Maria has loved fashion from an early age. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. She followed her passions to New York City, taking the fashion capital by storm and becoming Vice President of J. Mendel in her early 20’s. In this role she truly discovered her calling, driving a business and building luxury brands. Luxury has become a part of her DNA. 
Maria’s two son’s, Nicky and Jake, are her world and what she considers her greatest accomplishment. Nicky is a talented violinist and possesses a larger-than-life personality. Jake is a gifted athlete with a sweet and caring demeanor. After the loss of their father and her husband, Eddie Reich, Maria has taken pride in her ability to lead her family into the arena and show them how to move forward in life. She is always encouraging them to follow their dreams and she can always be found cheering them on at all of their events.
Maria has many passions aside from her family and her business, including decorating. Each time you walk into her home, there is always something new. She is always on the lookout for a unique piece to bring even more personality into her family’s space. Maria also very much enjoys working out in her home gym, attending concerts of her favorite artists or traveling to new cities. She has the ability to find inspiration for design everywhere she goes, whether it’s looking through an art book in her own living room or discovering a unique pattern in a foreign location.
Maria continues to stand out as an icon. She is the face of her multiple brands, a leader in the fur industry and a champion of sustainability. She is a forward thinker and always looking to innovate and take her businesses to the next level. As a vertically integrated business, Maria runs the day-to-day at Reich Furs, leading her dedicated and talented team. Her time is split between being a successful business woman in a global economy and being a creator and designer. Having that balance is what makes Maria who she is. Maria does all things with confidence and grace and is on a mission to inspire women everywhere to do the same, whether they are in business, mothers, creatives or all of the above, just like her.